About i&u TV

i&u TV stands for information and entertainment. We aspire to combine both of these elements in our productions. Our award-winning formats are not only produced for the main German broadcast networks, but for digital platforms as well.

Teamwork is essential to the success of our projects. The synergy between our editorial team, the production team and the archive team works seamlessly. This is how i&u TV not only manages to be successful time and again, but is also able to set trends in the media landscape.

i&u TV was founded in the summer of 2000 in Cologne, Germany. The production company is managed by CEO and editor-in-chief Andreas Zaik. Currently, around 140 people are employed at the company.

i&u TV is a member of the German producer association ‘Allianz Deutscher Produzenten – Film & Fernsehen e.V.’.

Key Shows

stern TV


stern TV

Almost 30 years of airtime make ‘stern TV’ a true television phenomenon in Germany. Always up to date, always surprisingly different, the show combines information and entertainment in a unique format: moving stories, enthralling interviews, spectacular studio demonstrations and engaging reports.

Denn Sie wissen nicht, was passiert

Spontaneity and improvisation are key in this fast-paced game show! German TV heavyweights Barbara Schöneberger, Günther Jauch & Thomas Gottschalk are surprised every night, neither knowing who will be hosting the show, nor what teams and celebrity contestants will be putting them to the test. An all-ages game show with a twist!

Klein gegen Groß


Klein gegen Groß

Showcasing children’s extraordinary talents and abilities, ‘Klein gegen Groß’ lets young contestants challenge some of the best athletes, celebrities and professionals in their fields. A fun format for the whole family! More than five million viewers on average make this show one of the most popular ones on German television.

Die ultimative Chart Show


‘Die ultimative Chart Show’ is an entertaining blend of live music performances, celebrity interviews and short clips on highly popular music and movies. Each show features a ranking of 35 or 50 popular songs/singers/bands of a certain genre (i.e. Rock Classics, Most successful Soundtracks etc.) based on chart positions. Every show includes background stories and studio appearances by the most successful national and international pop stars.

Menschen, Bilder, Emotionen

Every December, ‘Menschen, Bilder, Emotionen’ revisits the events and news of the year. Taking a look at the most moving and thrilling moments of the past months, each year the show welcomes renowned guests such as Angela Merkel, Adele, Toni Kroos or the Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai.

Zeig mir deine Welt

In ‘Zeig mir deine Welt’ Kai Pflaume visits people at home, trying to give audiences a glimpse into their everyday life, with a different focus each season. So far, the host has visited people with down syndrome, people with a terminal illness and seniors at the age of 100 and above.

Breaking Lab

The YouTube format ‘Breaking Lab’ is all about exciting scientific experiments, simple life hacks and crazy inventions.

Günther Jauch

“Günther Jauch” (2011-2015) was the most popular political talk show in Germany. Heated debates were common, as topics were often controversial. Guests included political heavyweights such as Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel.